Alain Raviart and his partners present you their communication knowledge with pleasure, both for urgent and non-urgent matters. The integral horizontal and vertical communication allows a optimum control on information and messages in terms of content and presentation.

KO Communications equals flexibility and a particular filosophy : close by
and pleasure during the cooperation.

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Alain Raviart

As part of his training period during his second licence in Journalism and Communication at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Alain Raviart (born on the 26/03/1970) enters RTL for a month which finally is going to last eight years.

From 1993 till 2001 : Alain Raviart, journalist, covers both on Bel RTL and RTL TVI numerous cases and proceedings.

  • International politics : special correspondent for the Impeachment de Bill Clinton in Washington, for Pinochet's discharge in Santiago de Chile, during the Kosovo conflict, during NATO and European summits, for trips of the Belgian deputation of the government and the King;
  • National policy : parliamentary activities and Executives, political crisis’s, election campaigns;
  • Judicial cases : Dutroux, Andras Pandy, diabolic lovers (special correspondent in Miami), numerous trials at the correctional court and at the criminal court;
  • Sports : coverage of World Cup Football in France, the Europe cup Belgium-Netherlands, Tour de France 1995.

From 2001 till 2008 : Manager de la Communication and Spokesman of the cdH (Centre Démocrate Humaniste).
Handled amongst other: institutional agreements of 2001 (also called Saint-Polycarpe); the name change of PSC into cdH, four electoral campaigns, negotiations for the formation of the regional and Community executives (2004), municipal majorities (2006) and finally the formation of the Belgian government (2007-2008).


Communication in the 21 century demands fastness, flexibility, experience and therefore immediate effectiveness.

It takes only one phone call, and KO Communications provides you, key on the door, all services and tools of communication: press releases (written, broadcasting), mass media-training and coaching, media plan, advertising, consulting, internet, company communication as well as institution communication, editorial and broadcasting achievements.

In order to do that, KO Communications notably tied an agreement with the advertising agency Mc Cann-Erickson.

We can mobilize within the hour a team which covers all sections of communication.

This method of integrated and quick communication is particularly efficient for communication in crisis situations.


Crisis communication

KO Communications, stands for more than fifteen years of experience in crisis communication and that on each side of the triangle: media, politics+company and communication.

KO Communications, thanks to this knowledge, can at the same time give a fast service, adapted to the context given in which you operate and also with your specificities, with your requirements.

This method, based beforehand on a deep knowledge of the media environment, aims at speedy effectiveness, with an offer of extreme flexibility and a share of instinct necessary to any daring and realistic communication.

Media-training and Coaching

KO Communications carries out media-training in a specific way. Not the usual meeting marathon, but in little time and specific to the situation, one corrects, refines and changes the media performances while going to the essence of it. In short, a media-training adapted to your needs and not the reverse what is too often a waste of time.

KO Communications estimates that it is also in the follow-up, sometimes minute per minute, that the performances gain in quality and errors are avoided which is the base of any communication. The coaching, amongst others by telephony, is an essential service and complementary to media-training.

KO Communications prepares you also all that surrounds a media presentation, which proceeds and what follows. The strategy should not only apply at the time of the presentation, all the peripheral details are essential as well.

Strategy and media plan

Connecting the right communication tools, the message and the media appearances is a architects work where all must be measured with the highest degree of accuracy. This work requires knowledge, experience and feeling.

Besides organizing press conferences under the best conditions,
KO Communications
can also diffuse messages by other means.


Publicity is, when the means allow it, an effective and consequent tool to convey the message through the press.

In order to aim for speed and excellence, KO Communications tied a privileged partnership with advertising agency Mc Cann-Erickson.

Originality, audacity and fast team mobilization are major assets. In addition, the system set up allows reservations of privileged spaces and this in time record.


To offer a vision covering the short, average and long term, is essential to any communication project.

KO Communications completes work of consultance with objective diagnosing the problems and offering daring and realistic solutions adapted to any type of budget.


Whether it concerns the creation or the adaptation of sites, the development of an external or internal internet strategy,
KO Communications offers to you an integrated strategy concept by the media bound for all the media.

Company communication

KO Communications offers a service adapted to the specificities of the company whatever its size. By its manner of operating, with speed and flexibility, all the types of companies can find the appropriate solutions to carry out their ambitions, their objectives and according to their means.

Institutional communication

By its knowledge of the Belgian political universe and its specificities, its difficulties, its manner of operating and its psychology,
KO Communications adapted its service offer of to reality of the institutes, its administrations and its personalities.

Editorial and audio-visual achievements

KO Communications writes and carries out the press documents, folders, etc as well as reports, radio and television on the basis of experience in these fields. The experience is based on a pointed knowledge of the power of images in combination with a daring and original tone.

A mind set

KO Communications finds it very important to put humor and a good mood in the middle of all its services. Communication is after all, a matter of pleasure which must be transmitted while working happily together.

While being strict and serious, while combining speed, flexibility, effectiveness and profitability, Alain Raviart and his partners work with the conviction that during the preparation and the realization of a communication without fault, there is a smile.

The right mind set is necessary base of any optimal communication.

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